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How do elephants use their trunks?

How do elephants use their trunks?
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  • How do elephants use their trunks?
  • Duration: 04:38
  • How do elephants use their trunks? The trunk is like a fifth limb to an elephant and helps it to perform many tasks, the most vital being to gather food. The trunk is composed of nose and upper lip and is ideally suited for stripping a branch of leaves and transferring them to the mouth. Young bull elephants use their trunks to wrestle with each other. The trunk is also used to drink and wash. Young elephants take a year to learn how to use their trunk and before this they must drink through their mouths by lowering their heads to water level. With thanks to 'Telepool GmbH Munchen'.
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    Living Things in their Environments: Adaptation

  • Keywords: Darwin, adaptation, elephant, trunk, survival, acacia, wrestle, leaf, wash, drink, eat, Darwin's Album
Ideas for use in class
  • Stimulus for whole class to discuss animal adaptation. Resource to support pupils' independent research on elephants. Resource to support Science or Literacy topic – use as a model for technical vocabulary linked to non-chronological report writing. Use as a resource to develop pupil note-taking.
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