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Find out more about Learning Zone Broadband Class Clips and how you can use them.

An introduction to Learning Zone Broadband

Learning Zone Broadband Class Clips provides rich audio-visual material for use in primary schools, secondary schools and colleges. These short videos have been selected to match the curriculum. They can be used in many ways; from the stimulation and engagement of students to the delivery of very specific learning points. The material is drawn from the Learning Zone and elsewhere in the BBC.

Start from the homepage. You can choose to search the whole library of clips by keywords or you can browse for primary or secondary content by subject and topics. If you are new to the site, you might find it easier to start by browsing through either the primary or secondary clips to get a feel for the type of material which is available for the subject you teach. Then you can let your imagination take you from there.

Currently, the clips in the library are available in streaming format only. Therefore, it is not possible to download them to your machine.

Learning Zone Scotland users

Learning Zone Scotland has merged with Class Clips to form a single, UK-wide archive of educational video and audio clips.

All the clips and the information about them are exactly the same as on the old site. You'll still be able search using keywords but with Class Clips you can also browse by level, subject and topic to help you find clips relevant to you.

Browsing by subjects

Select a subject from either Primary level or Secondary level. After you have selected the subject you will see a range of topics. Scroll up and down until you find what you need. Click the topic you need and you will see the clips in list form.

Look through the information provided alongside the picture for each clip. In the list view, there is a short description, along with related words associated with the clip.

If you need more information or want to watch the clip, click on the title or image.

Searching by keyword

You might prefer to search for material based on a keyword search. This gives you the freedom to find all the clips available which feature any particular word and not be limited by level and subject.

Type your keyword into the search box at the top of the page. Click the Search button and, after a few seconds, you should see a list of available clips which feature that keyword in some way. You may need to scroll down the page to see the full list of results.

Screenshot of the search box

Look through the information provided alongside the picture of each clip. If you need more information or want to watch the clip, click on the title or image.

Clip information

There is different information about each of the clips available from BBC Learning Zone Broadband. The clip number is above the image. Make a note of this as it makes it easier to find the clip again.

Click the boxes on the right to reveal the information under each title.

Key info - includes the duration of the clip, a longer description and words associated with it.

Ideas for use in the classroom - these are written by teachers with suggestions about how the clip could be used in class.

Background details - technical information about the clip and the target language.

How to play Learning Zone Broadband clips

If a clip seems suitable for you, click the Play button to watch it.

If you have Flash on your computer, the clip will play from the page. This embedded media player will allow you to play the clip at full screen. Once you have started the clip, click the button at the bottom right to make it full screen.

If you don't have Flash, and it is the first time you have played a video from the BBC website, a small box will appear. Follow the instructions on the screen to pick the quality of the video best suited to your machine and internet connection. 'High quality' will produce a video similar to VHS. We do not recommend 'standard quality' if you plan to play the video at full screen or project it in the classroom. You can also choose the video file format, from either Windows Media or Real Media. If you are unsure, accept the default settings and see what happens. Click OK to confirm your settings.

After a few moments the video player window should open, and your computer will start to connect to the video. It can be 10 seconds or more before the video runs.

The video player window allows you to play the clip at full screen (if you are using Internet Explorer on a PC), change the settings, or launch a standalone player. If you want to show the clip more than once, keep the player window open and click the Play button again at the appropriate time.

If you don't have Flash or Javascript, and want to add it to your machine, please visit BBC Webwise for instructions on how to enable Javascript and/or install Flash:

BBC Webwise - Javascript

BBC Webwise - Flash

Playback issues

More detailed error messages can be found by right clicking on the player and selecting the copy error message option. You can then send that error to us via our feeback page and we will try to assist where we can.

Learning Zone Broadband Class Clips Feedback

We welcome all feedback about Learning Zone Broadband Class Clips. If you have any questions or would like to make comments or offer suggestions for content please e-mail us at:

Please read the following information before sending your comments.

The BBC promises that you will NOT receive unsolicited mail by supplying your personal details.

The BBC and any service provider we engage will use the information you supply to respond to your queries/comments, to develop and enhance our services and for statistical analysis of audiences and users. For full details of our policy regarding the personal information we collect about your, visit our Privacy and Cookies page

We value your feedback. Whether it's about something simple like a spelling mistake you have spotted or broader comments on what kind of material you would like to see us include, we welcome your comments.

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