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Growing soft fruit in Scotland

Growing soft fruit in Scotland
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  • Growing soft fruit in Scotland
  • Duration: 05:12
  • The climate in Angus in Scotland makes it an ideal location for growing soft fruit. Some farms use biological controls rather than pesticides to protect their crops. The use of natural controls carries an element of risk to crops, harvests and therefore profits but there are obvious environmental benefits. In addition, turning to natural methods now means farms will be unaffected by any potential bans of pesticides brought in by the European Union. Please note this clip is only available in Flash and Windows Media.
  • Subject:

    Design and Technology


    Food Technology

  • Keywords: food, FoodStuff, Scotland, Angus, fruit, pesticides, farming, organic, European Union, EU, environment
Ideas for use in class
  • What are the pros and cons of biological and chemical pesticides or fertilisers? This can link to study in chemistry, biology and geography. Students could carry out a case study of climate and farming in Angus. How has farming here adapted to changing science, technology, resources, labour and markets? The clip could contribute to geography and modern studies lessons on the European Union.
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