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Gangs, Knives and Crime

Gangs, Knives and Crime
Key Info
  • Gangs, Knives and Crime
  • Duration: 05:04
  • Young people talk about how joining a gang can help define a young person and creates safety for them. Explores what home environments caused them to join a gang, carry knives and conceal their faces using hoodies. Also how a lack of park and open spaces leads to tension in the community. This clip is taken from 'Mischief: Hoodies Can Be Goodies', first broadcast in September 2008.
  • Subject:

    Society Health and Development


    Anti Social and Offending Behaviour

  • Keywords: gangs, knives, poverty, crime, housing, estate, design
Ideas for use in class
  • Explore how family background can contribute to crime and criminality. Generate a discussion about why gangs can be good for young people and how gangs could be brought together. The class could also study the effect of poverty on communities and how this links to the design out. How does housing and area design impact on crime and community safety? Link to the design out crime research centre. What design features would students add to an area to make it safer and more secure for young people and the community at large? Why do young people carry knives? Link to knife amnesties, generate class discussion about chicken and egg cause and effect, ie 'I carry a knife because they do…' Design a poster to display in school which provides an alternative to knife carrying.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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