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Food sustainability: bee keeping in New York

Food sustainability: bee keeping in New York
Key Info
  • Food sustainability: bee keeping in New York
  • Duration: 05:01
  • A New York market is selling honey produced on the rooftops of the city's skyscrapers. Andrew Cotay is the guru of urban beekeeping in the Big Apple. He has successfully campaigned to legalize bee-keeping in the centre of New York. But it's not just about the honey. Bees pollinate the flowers of New York's many urban parks and gardens. They are essential to the future of the city's plant life. They also keep New Yorkers in touch with nature, whilst producing food that has almost no carbon footprint. Created especially for Class Clips from the BBC series Human Planet, first broadcast in January 2011.
  • Subject:



    Urban: Settlements

  • Keywords: change, sustainability, urban, beekeeping, consumer, MEDC, fossil fuels, food, miles, New York, green revolution, bees, honey, bee hives, cities, sourcing, local food, HumanPlanet, secondaryhumanplanet
Ideas for use in class
  • Research and produce a list of facts and figures about NYC. Use clip to stimulate discussion on issues surrounding our demand for food in MEDC's – food miles etc. Exemplar of (small-scale) sustainable food production. Students could initiate project work on using school grounds and buildings to plan their own small-scale food production. More information about the series, images and further clips can be seen on the Human Planet website:
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  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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