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An introduction to food chains

An introduction to food chains
Key Info
  • An introduction to food chains
  • Duration: 00:37
  • All living organisms need food to survive. Plants make their own food in their leaves and are eaten by animals. These animals then become food for other animals, making a food chain. In this example of a food chain, caterpillars and insects eat the plant leaves. These insects are in turn eaten by a bird which is then caught by a cat. All food chains start with the sun - plants need light to make food. Animals which eat only plants are herbivores. Animals which eat other animals are called carnivores.
  • Subject:



    Living Things in their Environments: Feeding Relationships

  • Keywords: food, plants, leaves, animals, food chain, caterpillars, insects, bird, cat, sun, herbivore, carnivore, Darwin
Ideas for use in class
  • This clip would be useful when learning about food chains. The examples are clear and well illustrated and the learning points very concise. This clip would also be useful to use for revision purposes.
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  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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