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Ecosystems and species diversity

Ecosystems and species diversity
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  • Ecosystems and species diversity
  • Duration: 3:59
  • Should we concentrate on conserving only the most important species? Which are the most important? Experts explain we need a full diversity of species and that every species is important. Reducing the number of species decreases the stability of an ecosystem. Bugs and weeds are as important as larger mammals. Every creature plays a role; if we knock out individual 'bricks of a wall' then the 'wall' of the ecosystem will collapse.
  • Subject:



    Bio: Environment - Bio-diversity

  • Keywords: Darwin, ecosystem, diversity, extinction, conservation, species, organism, interdependence, environment, bug, weed, mammal, creature
Ideas for use in class
  • This clip is a stimulus for a discussion about the importance of preserving diversity in ecosystems. Ask students to watch the clip and identify why this is important, perhaps specifically using the analogy given. Students should then be asked what this will mean in real terms. This clip also raises the very interesting issue of expecting people in poorer countries to protect animals and plants.
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  • Clip language : English
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