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Different views of Chartism

Different views of Chartism
Key Info
  • Different views of Chartism
  • Duration: 03:12
  • Simon Schama explains the strength of the Chartist movement and how some of their number were frustrated by Fergus O'Connor's refusal to set his people's army against the government forces. He finishes by showing what is the first political photograph in history.
  • Subject:



    Origins of the Welfare State in the 20th Century

  • Keywords: Chartism, Fergus O'Connor, people's army, People's Charter, Chartists
Ideas for use in class
  • Using a copy of the photograph shown at the end of the clip, students could complete a layers of inference diagram. Place the photograph in the middle of a large piece of paper and draw four increasing boxes around it. In the first, students should write everything that the source does show, in the second what guesses they can make about it, in the third everything that the source does not show and in the fourth what other questions they would need to ask about it. This could then be used to inform a discussion as to whether the Chartists were in fact dangerous, unrealistic and badly organised as mentioned at the start of the clip.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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