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Creating a landscape using teabags

Creating a landscape using teabags
Key Info
  • Creating a landscape using teabags
  • Duration: 2:45
  • Clare Goddard shares a few of her fashion designs, such as dresses made from old teabags. She explains how teabags can also be used to create pictures. She then takes photos of the city in preparation for a teabag picture of her local environment. Clare encourages the audience to look at the shapes and colours within their town and city and to take photos to help create their own pictures. She shows how she draws her city out first on a piece of cloth, using a dark pen to go over a lighter preliminary outline. She then shows how teabags emptied of their contents can be dyed by dipping them in food colouring and then allowing them to dry. She sticks the dyed teabag cases to her outline of the city landscape, covering large areas at first and then adding more detailed parts afterwards. She uses chalk and matchsticks to emphasise details such as signs and fences.
  • Subject:

    Art and Design


    3D Design

  • Keywords: teabags, landscape, city, shapes, colours, environment, public art, fashion
Ideas for use in class
  • Children could create their own versions of their local environment using empty teabags dipped in paint or food colouring. They could think of other materials to use rather than old teabags.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 4x3

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