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Competition from the global market

Competition from the global market
Key Info
  • Competition from the global market
  • Duration: 04:58
  • Wheat farming in East Anglia is influenced by local conditions and global markets. Adverse weather conditions mean the harvest can be delayed and the crops may be ruined. Wheat prices fluctuate in response to supply and demand and prices are set according to global markets. Other parts of the world can produce wheat more cheaply than Britain and so farmers must remain competitive. Science, technology and plant breeding have increased output considerably and British wheat production has trebled.First broadcast on the BBC Learning Zone in March 2012 as part of the series Mud Sweat and Tractors.
  • Subject:



    Rural: Agriculture

  • Keywords: Harvest, East Anglia, farmer, profit, investment, crop, wheat, technology, markets, supply, demand, commodity prices, stock market, globalisation, competition, trading room, exports, weather forecast. MudSweatandTractors
Ideas for use in class
  • Ties in with the curriculum for KS4 Geography (AQA A Specification). It could be used as case study material for the section on ‘Commercial Farming: Competition from the Global Market’. Could also be used for other exam specifications and rural issue and agriculture schemes of work.
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  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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