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Classical Indian dance - Kathak

Classical Indian dance - Kathak
Key Info
  • Classical Indian dance - Kathak
  • Duration: 04:40
  • We meet a famous Kathak dancer called Antarra Singh. We see her preparing to dance and she talks about the history of this classical Indian dance as well as explaining her costume. She tells us that Kathak is about storytelling through dance, then she tells us about her dress, her hair and her ankle bells. Then we go to the city palace where she explains the story of the dance she will perform. Finally, she does a beautiful dance in the heart of the city palace.
  • Subject:

    Physical Education


    Dance Activities: Dance Around the World

  • Keywords: music, Kathak, dance, traditional, classical, costume, India
Ideas for use in class
  • Dance - to look at and mimic the style of dancing, to focus on hand gestures. To inspire the pupils to create their own gestures for different parts of their story. Literacy - to take traditional stories and tales from our culture and create gestures for significant parts of the story and create their own story dance in the Indian style. Music - to look at the types of instruments played and compare and contrast with the instruments of other countries. Music - listen to the style of music, how does it compare and contrast with the music of Australia, Brazil and Ghana. RE/Culture - look at the religious links - a holy dance, a dance in the temple. Geography - look at the style of buildings and the architecture of the city.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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