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Checking personal privacy settings when using the Internet (Horrible Histories)

Checking personal privacy settings when using the Internet (Horrible Histories)
Key Info
  • Checking personal privacy settings when using the Internet (Horrible Histories)
  • Duration: 02:38
  • One of Guy Fawkes' fellow plotters sends information about the gunpowder plot to Francis Tresham on the Internet. He sends a message on a secure private setting, or so he thinks. He doesn't realise that other people's settings might be open to the public. His message is posted to many people on an open setting, revealing the plot and Guy Fawkes is arrested. This outlines the need to check personal privacy settings. It shows that it is important to decide whether information is for public or private viewing. It demonstrates that it can't be assumed that other people's settings are private too.
  • Subject:



    Keeping Safe

  • Keywords: Internet safety, internetsafety, www, facebook, myspace, bebo, privacy settings, reputation, public, private, information, check, assume, rules, internet safety, Guy Fawkes, online safety, Horrible Histories, HorribleHistories.
Ideas for use in class
  • Could be used as a starter to, or as part of a circle time discussion about staying safe on the internet. Could be used in a philosophy session raising questions about how people can stay safe. Who am I sending this to? What will they do with it? What might happen? How can I protect myself? It could also be used in conjunction with other clips on internet safety covering opening attachments and lying about your age online and being careful what you download.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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