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Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII (pt 1/2)

Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII (pt 1/2)
Key Info
  • Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII (pt 1/2)
  • Duration: 02:20
  • A portrait of Catherine of Aragon comes to life in a gallery and talks to the night time security guard about her life. Catherine's parents, Queen Isabella of Castile and King Ferdinand of Aragon, fought for many years to bring Spain together. They educated their daughter in fine Catholic tradition and planned for her to marry the King of England. In November 1501 Catherine married Arthur, the eldest son of Henry VII and the heir to the throne. Both Catherine and Arthur were 15 years old. Five months later Arthur died. Henry VIII became king and chose Catherine to be his queen. Henry was a good catch. He was handsome, talented and athletic. They were married on 11 June 1509. Catherine's destiny was fulfilled but Henry’s was not. He wanted and needed a son. Henry became disappointed with Catherine when she did not provide him with a son and heir.
  • Subject:



    Tudors: Monarchs

  • Keywords: Catherine of Aragon, Queen Isabella of Castile, King Ferdinand of Aragon, Spain, England, Arthur, Henry VII, Henry VIII, King of England
Ideas for use in class
  • When learning about the Tudors this clip helps tell history from the perspective of Catherine of Aragon. It would be great to support and stimulate cross-curricular learning such as characterisation in written English and in drama. Good links could be made between art and historical portraits and what they can tell us about history. The clip is also a good starting point for learning more about Henry VIII.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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