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Careers with Spanish - telephone marketing

Careers with Spanish - telephone marketing
Key Info
  • Careers with Spanish - telephone marketing
  • Duration: 03:23
  • A report about career opportunities available for foreign language learners, particularly Spanish. Alex, a consultant in the Spanish department of a Languages call centre, summarises the main features of his job. We see him making arrangements on the telephone and sending emails, and he explains how he came to work in the field of marketing languages holidays in Latin America.
  • Subject:



    Jobs and Careers

  • Keywords: consultante, vacaciones de idiomas, durante, llamadas telefónicas, clients, hablar, de parte de
Ideas for use in class
  • A role play. Pupils could work on a short telephone conversation in which they have to explain who they are, which company they are calling on behalf of, that they have a client who wants to do a course for one week in Madrid next week, and apologise that the call is late. The pupils would transcribe the dialogues from the clip, then manipulate the language to alter some details. A class might reassemble the background details about why Alex came to use Spanish at work. The main phrases would be given in Spanish but in a jumbled order (aprendí el espaňol en el colegio, lo usé por la primera vez en Venezuela cuando fui allí como mochilero, fue muy útil el poco espaňol que yo sabía, hizó la experiencia mucho mejór porque podía hablar espaňol). The class could identify the phrases, rearrange the order and translate the text into English. A class might be invited to list five good reasons to speak a foreign language in a job.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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