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Apartheid Laws scrapped

 Apartheid Laws scrapped
Key Info
  • Apartheid Laws scrapped
  • Duration: 03:35
  • President FW de Klerk announces the dismantling of the laws behind apartheid, such as the Land Acts of 1930 and 1936, which reserved the best land for white people. The biggest repeal was that of the Population Registration Act, which had introduced the compulsory classification of all babies by racial group at birth. Right-wing MPs walked out in protest but, outside the building, campaigners against apartheid welcomed the repeals and called for more reforms. The views of ANC supporters including Archbishop Desmond Tutu are expressed. This clip is published as part of BBC Archive Collections: Please note this clip is only available in Flash.
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  • Keywords: South Africa, ANC, apartheid, abolition, protest, civil rights, racism, Afrikaner, Black History Month
Ideas for use in class
  • Used to summarise apartheid. Used to introduce apartheid or discrimination. Students brainstorm ideas about what the laws would mean or why they were there in the first place. Use in a series of lessons on de-colonisation and end of the British Empire. Use as part of a lesson that looks at the question - 'Did the lives of black people improve after the abolition of slavery?' The experience of people in South Africa can be compared to the experiences of black people in the USA including the civil rights movement, those in the Caribbean and those involved in the Windrush in Britain. Further resources on apartheid South Africa can be found in the BBC Archive Collections.
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  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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