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CLIP 13546

A child led tour of Sandouping in Hubei Province of China

A child led tour of Sandouping in Hubei Province of China

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Key Info
  • A child led tour of Sandouping in Hubei Province of China
  • Duration: 06:23
  • Li Memgke lives near Sandouping in the shadow of the Three Gorges Dam, very close to the Yangtze river. Her family had to move here when the dam was built because their home was in the path of the new construction. The dam was built to protect parts of China from flooding and to harness the river Yangtze’s power to generate electricity. It lies in the Gorge area of China, famous for its beautiful peaks and picturesque stretches of river. Many tourists visit to take cruises up and down the Yangtze and through the gorges. The river is also an important transportation route for ships carrying cargo across China. Memgke lives with her grandparents, as both her parents have had to travel away for work. They spend the whole year working in Guangdong province, over a 20-hour drive away. Li Memgke is preparing for their return so that the whole family can celebrate Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) together. She goes into town with her grandfather to buy Chinese lanterns, decorations and fireworks and explains that red is the traditional colour for this celebration. Once home, they prepare a Chinese feast and collect vegetables from their vegetable patch on the slopes of the hills near their house. The food is traditional and there are many dishes. When her parents arrive they sit down together and eat, then let off Chinese fire crackers and watch the spectacular firework displays from the roof of their house. First broadcast in the Learning Zone on BBC2 in March 2012 as part of the series In my shoes.
  • Subject:



    Asia: Other

  • Keywords: Three Gorges Dam, Yangtze River, Guangdong Province, Hydroelectricity, ships, Chinese New Year, Chinese Spring Festival, Chinese lanterns, Chinese firecrackers, tofu, dumplings, Chinese radishes, migration, Inmyshoes
Ideas for use in class
  • Useful when learning about: Rivers and how to harness their energy through dams and hydroelectric plants. Changing the course of rivers and the impact on towns and communities. Gorge topography and life by large and busy rivers and waterways. Shipping and transportation of goods across long distances. Economic migration and families having to travel long distances to find work away from home. Tourism. Chinese culture, festivals and celebrations. Chinese traditional foods and local produce. Family structures and living with extended family. Cross curricular links include: Geography - cities, towns and villages, Asia, rivers, mountains, sustainability, environmental issues, water, weather and climate. PSHE - differences and similarities, cultural Issues. Chinese - food and drink, special occasions.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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