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Words beginning with 'y', a story with Yolly the Yorkie

Words beginning with 'y', a story with Yolly the Yorkie
Key Info
  • Words beginning with 'y', a story with Yolly the Yorkie
  • Duration: 1:44
  • Yolly the Yorkshire Terrier loves Yorkshire puddings but is offered other foods beginning with 'y'. Several words beginning with a 'y' are heard in this story.
  • Subject:




  • Keywords: Phase 3, words,'y', phonological awareness, phonics, phoneme
Ideas for use in class
  • To develop phonological awareness and phonics in order to hear and identify the letter 'y' in words. Play the clip without the visuals and ask children to listen closely for the most common sound. Once this is identified as 'y', hold up a 'y' card when they hear the letter. Watch the clip and give a 'thumbs up' when the sound is heard. Can the children find/think of any other words with 'y' in? Children could investigate where the 'y' usually occurs - beginning, middle or end? How many of the words are names?
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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