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CLIP 13847

9/11: Images from New York that shocked the world

9/11: Images from New York that shocked the world

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Key Info
  • 9/11: Images from New York that shocked the world
  • Duration: 03:35
  • Report from the 10 o'clock news on the day of 9/11. Reporter James Robbins interviews a number of clearly distressed and shocked witnesses to the terrorist attack on New York's Twin Towers. This was the first major terrorist attack on the United States mainland and was played out live on television throughout the world. This report shows in graphic detail the distressing moments when the second tower was struck by a plane and the collapse of the two towers, firstly the south tower, which is reported in the background using a radio commentary, and then the second tower which for many Americans represented wealth, property and status. The images were both painful and shocking and despite the passing of time they remain powerful. We are introduced to two witnesses who are clearly upset by what they have seen and in the second interview the towers are clearly in shot, ablaze and the smoke is beginning to engulf the bright blue Manhattan skyline.
  • Subject:



    USA: from 1942

  • Keywords: America, terrorism, 911, Osama Bin Laden, Bush, President Bush, Pearl Harbor, New York, Manhattan, Twin Towers, al-Qaeda, Pakistan.
Ideas for use in class
  • There are graphic images of the planes hitting the Twin Towers and the buildings collapsing. Students will be able to use this as a starting point to discuss, analyse and evaluate the changes in attitudes to and preparations for travel (especially airline) since 9/11. Extra Extension exercise: comparing reactions – Pearl Harbor (1941) and 9/11 (2001). Cross reference resource for History, Citizenship and Travel and Tourism. Written Timeline of the Attack on Pearl Harbor: For audio of Roosevelt’s speech, see: For video of Bush’s speech, see:
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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