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CLIP 8458

Making a home-made rocket

Making a home-made rocket

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Key Info
  • Making a home-made rocket
  • Duration: 02:14
  • Presenter Dr Yan makes a home-made rocket capable of flying several metres into the air. The rocket consists of a plastic tub with a tight fitting lid, a fizzy tablet and tap water. Rockets, jets and propellers all work by pushing something away in one direction. This gives the craft itself a push in the opposite direction. Here, when the pressure inside the tub is enough to push the lid off, the force of the gas escaping downwards gives the tub a big push upwards. Published as part of the Bang Goes the Theory website: Please note this clip is only available in Flash.
  • Subject:



    Changing Materials: Irreversible Change

  • Keywords: propellant, expansion, forces, rocket, gas, pressure, BangGoesTheTheory
Ideas for use in class
  • Pupils could create labelled diagrams to explain the scientific concepts involved. Pupils could re-create the experiment investigating the effects of a range of tablets and water volumes, and observe and record their results.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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