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Victorian Street Life: Jacko's Story (audio)

Victorian Street Life: Jacko's Story (audio)
Key Info
  • Victorian Street Life: Jacko's Story (audio)
  • Duration: 6:29
  • A mini-drama about homeless children living on the streets of Victorian London. Jacko is sleeping rough in Billingsgate Market. He recounts how he used to work with a rat-catcher called Vic. Their job was to keep the granaries in the London dockyards free from vermin. Jacko's job is to attract the rats out of their hiding places and steer them over to Vic, who places them in a large basket. The rats are kept alive because they will later be taken to a pub in Soho where they will be slaughtered in a dog pit and the best rats achieve the best prices. One day Jacko arrives at the granary to find Vic convulsing. Jacko decides to continue with the Soho trade, but when he is paid off with a fraction of the usual price he decides to pick a punter's pocket. He is nearly caught and now, without any occupation, arrives at Billingsgate to join the homeless children.
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    Victorians: Victorian Life

  • Keywords: Victorian, cove, rat catcher, vermin, homeless, School Radio, drama, radio, audio, schoolradio
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  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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