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CLIP 7854

Job losses at Desmonds textile factory in Northern Ireland (pt 1/2)

Job losses at Desmonds textile factory in Northern Ireland (pt 1/2)

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Key Info
  • Job losses at Desmonds textile factory in Northern Ireland (pt 1/2)
  • Duration: 01:43
  • News report about the loss of jobs at Desmonds textile factory in Londonderry. The company cannot produce clothes cheaply enough in Northern Ireland and will move its manufacturing to Turkey, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. First broadcast on BBC NI Newsline on 19 March 2002
  • Subject:



    World of Work

  • Keywords: consumer, manufacturing, textiles
Ideas for use in class
  • Use to study the impact of globalisation and how it has produced winners and losers. Ask pupils to make a list of secondary industries in their local area and identify reasons why those industries are successful or in decline. Then make a list of secondary activities that were present 50 years ago. Discuss reasons for differences in the types of local industry that existed/exist in their area. The textile industry is another secondary economic activity in decline in Northern Ireland. Ask pupils to write a paragraph describing possible causes for this slump. Discuss labour costs in the UK and abroad. Ask pupils to pick ten items of clothing from their wardrobe and list their countries of origin. Collate all the totals and record the number of outfits from each country. Create a bar chart to show the findings. How many of the garments were made in the UK? Ask pupils to discuss reasons for their findings.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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