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How do different materials affect shadows?

How do different materials affect shadows?
Key Info
  • How do different materials affect shadows?
  • Duration: 01:06
  • Children discover how shadows are affected when different materials get between the light source and the surface on which it is directed. Shadows are areas of less light, made when something is placed directly in front of the light source. The position of an object will determines the size of its shadow.
  • Subject:




  • Keywords: opaque, light source, shadows, translucent
Ideas for use in class
  • Use to set up a series of experiments on the effect of the density of the materials placed between the light source and shadow. The effect of its distance from the light source could also be investigated. This could lead on to activities in art and creative writing.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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