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Sheffield folk carols – from church to pub

Sheffield folk carols – from church to pub
Key Info
  • Sheffield folk carols – from church to pub
  • Duration: 08:31
  • We used to have a rich catalogue of folk carols dating back to medieval times. Many of these have disappeared but there are pockets of the country where folk carols are still enjoyed. Singers in Sheffield are keeping the folk tradition alive with carols which used to be sung in pre-Victorian times. Carols written long ago, often by tradesmen, continue to be sung in pubs in Dungworth near Sheffield. Emigration has meant the carols are even to be heard today in parts of Pennsylvania. Lucie Skeaping and Rachel Unthank discuss the origins of the carol and some of the symbolism found in the words of the songs. This clip was first published on BBC News Online on 23 December 2008. Please note this clip is only available in Flash.
  • Subject:



    Music From The British Isles

  • Keywords: early music, singing, folk music, Christianity, Paganism, drinking, oral history, lyrics
Ideas for use in class
  • Studying contextual influences which affect the way music is created, performed and heard. RE - traditions of the Christmas festival.
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  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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