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The impotance of teamwork when canoeing

The impotance of teamwork when canoeing
Key Info
  • The impotance of teamwork when canoeing
  • Duration: 03:03
  • Christine Bleakley goes canoeing in Castlewellan Lake with a group of children. Working as a team, they carry the canoes to the water and strap them together in pairs for stability. It is important for everyone to concentrate and work together. One pupil confesses that she would not get into a canoe with somebody she did not trust.
  • Subject:



    Relationships: Teamwork and Mediation

  • Keywords: canoe, canoeing, safety, safely, trust, trusting, working together, team work, Northern Ireland, Castlewellan Lake
Ideas for use in class
  • Staying safe sometimes means wearing the right safety gear. Ask pupils to think about the risks people face doing different activities (eg canoeing, jet-skiing, mountain-climbing, snow-boarding etc) and make a list of the possible problems that could ensue. They can consider what kind of safety clothing would be needed for each type of risk How could this be designed to look really "cool" so everyone doing that sport would want to wear it? Pupils can design a poster for their chosen activity, trying to encourage children to wear the correct type of safety kit.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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