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The Cone Gatherers: Roderick's Opinion

The Cone Gatherers: Roderick's Opinion
Key Info
  • The Cone Gatherers: Roderick's Opinion
  • Duration: 04:04
  • Detective Wallace and the inspector quiz Roderick about his perceptions of the cone gatherers, Neil and Calum. Roderick expresses his admiration for the two brothers, his friendship with them and his dislike of Duror's and his mother's poor treatment of them. His mother, Lady Runcie Campbell, can't understand his compassionate point of view towards lower-class men, especially Calum. Wallace, however, can relate to Roderick's view.
  • Subject:



    Fiction Post 1900: United Kingdom

  • Keywords: English, Robin Jenkins, Cone Gatherers, Scottish literature, class, theme, character, novel
Ideas for use in class
  • Ask the class to consider the ways in which Roderick differs to his mother, especially in his view of the cone gatherers. Examine the ways in which he sympathises with the cone gatherers and how he views Duror's behaviour towards them. Ask the class if they agree with Wallace's assessment of Roderick's behaviour. By the end of the clip, the class should have a characterisation of Roderick and his view of the cone gatherers.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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