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How animals survive in the desert

How animals survive in the desert
Key Info
  • How animals survive in the desert
  • Duration: 01:31
  • A description of the conditions found in a desert habitat. Features the adaptations of the fringe-toed lizard and the camel to survive in this harsh environment. The presenter describes the sand and heat of the desert before explaining how the fringe-toed lizard has adapted to the environment by keeping out the sand with u-bend nostrils and large scales to grip the loose sand. It hides from the heat under the sand. He then talks about the camel, which stores almost all of its body fat in its hump and can live on this for weeks at a time. The camel has several other ways of coping with the sand and heat.
  • Subject:



    Living Things in their Environments: Adaptation

  • Keywords: adaptation, camel, fringe-toed lizard, desert, heat, nostrils, fat, scales, feet, sand, Darwin
Ideas for use in class
  • This clip adds further understanding about how animals in the desert have adapted to their environment.
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  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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