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CLIP 3259

Hajj - day two

Hajj - day two

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Key Info
  • Hajj - day two
  • Duration: 04:43
  • Links the end of day one (see Clip 03258) and the background to day two of the Hajj. Beginning with the end of day one of the Hajj - staying overnight at Mina. It explains Muslim beliefs in Akhirah, life after death, and ideas of judgement, heaven and hell, as day two of Hajj is about judgement. The ritual standing at Arafat (wuquf) is a foretaste of judgement day. Two pilgrims descibe the impact of this ritual on their lives in terms of prayer, forgiveness and brotherhood, and shows pilgrims moving on to Muzdalifah and collecting stones in preparation for day three (Clip 03261).
  • Credits: ITN Source
  • Subject:

    Religious Education



  • Keywords: Mina, Hajj, Akhirah, hell, punishment, judgement, Paradise, forgiveness, prayer, worship, Arafat, wuquf, standing, Muzdalifah, Islam, Muslim, Jannah, Muhammad, Mohammed
Ideas for use in class
  • Students might do a reflective activity, perhaps a guided imagery. They could consider what it would feel like if all the bad things they had ever done were taken away. They could write down what they might do next - what kind of resolutions they might make, perhaps. Muslims pray for others when they are at Arafat because they believe that their prayers are more effective there - they are submitting to Allah and are especially close to him. Students could write down their three prayers or wishes for other people and explain why they would want these. Consider why Muslims see their prayers as more worthwhile and effective than mere wishes. How might they argue with an atheist's viewpoint on this?
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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