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Testing for iron in our breakfast cereal

Testing for iron in our breakfast cereal
Key Info
  • Testing for iron in our breakfast cereal
  • Duration: 01:06
  • The human body consists of water, carbon, salt, fat and iron. This must come from the food we eat. Does this mean we need to eat nails? An experiment using a beaker, magnet, water and cereal proves that some breakfast cereals contain iron.
  • Subject:



    Humans and Other Animals: Nutrition

  • Keywords: iron, water, carbon, fat, salt, humans, bodies, food, experiment, beaker, magnet, magnetism
Ideas for use in class
  • The clip would be useful when learning about what a human body is made from and what food is needed for a healthy diet. The clip would also be interesting to play when learning about the use of magnets and magnetism.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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