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CLIP 14366

Fashion and beauty industry influences on advertising

Fashion and beauty industry influences on advertising

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Key Info
  • Fashion and beauty industry influences on advertising
  • Duration: 07:44
  • Amber Jane Butchart, a professional fashion and beauty analyst and Raphael Babalola, who runs a successful healthy lifestyle company, investigates why companies advertising fashion and beauty products usually use super skinny, super tall, super young, caucasian girls in their campaigns. They then uncover what size most women in the UK actually are and find out that men prefer women of all shapes, sizes and colours. The pair reveal new research that suggests women would still spend money on clothing if advertisers used 'real' sized models and demonstrate this by asking UK consumers. This questions who is to blame for the promotion of non-diverse, over-airbrushed images that has caused consumers to feel inadequate about their body image. First broadcast in the Learning Zone as part of the 'Your Body Your Image' series in December 2012.
  • Subject:



    Body Image

  • Keywords: body image, fashion, beauty, models, body sizes, appearance, marketing, advertising, industry, standards, YourBodyYourImage
Ideas for use in class
  • Can be used in a PSHE or Business Studies class. Young people can be asked to think about the nature of the images that they see in the fashion industry and whether they reflect reality, but also why they might not. Some follow up questions for this clip could include asking: a) If the models used in male advertising are any more realistic than those used for women. b) Who benefits from the standards and ideals used in the fashion and beauty industry? c) Can anything be done about this situation by consumers? d) The students to notice the diversity of the images that they see on adverts on television or the internet - do they represent the variety of ethnicities, sizes and colours of people that we have living in the UK?
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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