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How Ade Adepitan became a Paralympic champion

How Ade Adepitan became a Paralympic champion
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  • How Ade Adepitan became a Paralympic champion
  • Duration: 04:35
  • Inspirational Paralympic champion Ade Adepitan explains how, because of polio, he lost the use of his legs, but was determined to become an athlete after becoming obsessed with The Olympic Games as a boy. He felt other kids found him weird as a child, but knew inside he was just the same as them – and had a goal which would prove it. Ade trained six hours a day, six days a week until he became so accomplished in the sport, he was accepted onto the Paralympic team. With determination, drive and confidence he not only realised his goal to be a top player – he proved beyond doubt how cool he was too! Ade tells us that difference need not stand in your way: "It doesn’t matter what you look like or if you have a disability. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible."First broadcast in the Learning Zone on BBC2 in September 2012 as part of the programme 'Spark'.
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Ideas for use in class
  • This is an amazing story of triumph over adversity. He reflects on his first day of school and how he changed other people's perceptions of him. Ask children to reflect on their first day of school and how they have developed as individuals since that time? Do they have a longer term ambition or goal? Activity: Research the life of other Paralympic champions/ athletes. Ade says that everyone needs inspirational people. Discuss: Who inspires you? How can you inspire others? Ade's dream started when he was 9 and he didn’t achieve it until he was 27. Discuss: How long did Ade focus on his goal and how do you maintain focus for such a considerable length of time? Ade talks about teamwork and gaining victory as a team being even more fulfilling than success as an individual? Discuss: What can we achieve as a team that it might be more difficult to do alone? Question: Watch closely and note how much time and dedication Ade has to put into his training. This is part of a series of films profiling inspirational people and their personal ‘sparks’ – when they decided what they wanted to do in their lives.
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