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Infant mortality and living conditions in Cambodia

Infant mortality and living conditions in Cambodia
Key Info
  • Infant mortality and living conditions in Cambodia
  • Duration: 08:21
  • The life of a poor family living in a shanty town in Cambodia. We meet 12 year old Pisey who describes his family situation and how he supports his mother and sister through scavenging. Pisey is unable to go to school because he has to scavenge to make money for his family. His mother, Neang has HIV, is pregnant and has been deserted by her husband. Pisey also has to collect retroviral drugs for his mother, as well as understand the complicated way they should be taken. We see Neang giving birth in hospital to baby LyLy but are told that the baby dies two months later from unknown causes. Can be used in conjunction with 14003, 14004 and 14005.
  • Warning: Contains scenes which some may find upsetting.
  • Subject:



    Development and Health

  • Keywords: health, development, Asia, LEDC, HIV, AIDS, population, sanitation, education, millennium development goals, infant mortality, poverty, Why Poverty, Four Born Every Second, WelcomeToTheWorld
Ideas for use in class
  • Use to discuss the range of living conditions that give rise to high infant mortality rates in developing countries. Stimulus for empathetic writing about the life chances of children living in shanty towns. It also raises questions about the likelihood of Millennium Development Goals being reached by 2015. Can be used in conjunction with 14003, 14004 and 14005 which also investigate the link between poverty and infant mortality.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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