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Contrasting outlooks of Victorian London by Marx and Monet

Contrasting outlooks of Victorian London by Marx and Monet
Key Info
  • Contrasting outlooks of Victorian London by Marx and Monet
  • Duration: 02:23
  • Two contrasting outlooks on London in the late 19th century. One from the philosopher Karl Marx and the other from the impressionist painter Claude Monet. Extracts are read from the writings of Monet and Karl Marx to describe London.Monet highlights the beauty of the smog in London and the effect of light on the Thames and parliament buildings. Two of Monet's paintings are illustrated - ‘London parliament in winter’ and one of many of his paintings of waterloo bridge. The cause of the smog was from the factories of Whitechapel, Stepney and Bethnal Green. Marx wanted to expose the poverty, injustice and suffering of the people of London. Images of the streets, people and factories are used to demonstrate Karl Marx's standpoint. First broadcast on 'A Picture of London' on BBC2 in May 2012.
  • Subject:

    Art and Design



  • Keywords: Poverty, Impressionist, Claude Monet, Karl Marx, London. Parliament, Thames, light, Impressionism, painting, factory, philosopher, pictures, APictureofLondon
Ideas for use in class
  • Contextual source material for projects on Monet. Encourage students to compare and contrast view points of painters, writers and philosophers.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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