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CLIP 13991

The dangers of posting personal information on the Internet (Horrible Histories)

The dangers of posting personal information on the Internet (Horrible Histories)

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Key Info
  • The dangers of posting personal information on the Internet (Horrible Histories)
  • Duration: 02:45
  • Brother Egbert, a Saxon monk, thinks he has successfully applied for the job of Abbot. The Bishop finds embarrassing video footage and photographs of Egbert's activities and he loses the job. Brother Egbert thought, to his cost, that he had deleted all this content. This draws attention to the harm that can be caused by posting personal information on the Internet and not realising it can be passed on or used. It shows how easy it is to lie and make up things to try and cover over mistakes - once they're up, it may not be possible to delete posted videos and photographs on the Internet at a later date, should you wish to. This encourages viewers to think about how comfortable they are about what they post on the Internet if a parent, teacher or future boss sees them.
  • Subject:



    Keeping Safe

  • Keywords: Internet safety, internetsafety, profile, video, photograph, delete, application, email, online, facebook, dangers, Horrible Histories, HorribleHistories.
Ideas for use in class
  • Could be used for some role play or hot seating drama work where students could be interviewed by an employer or parent before and after making the mistake of posting embarrassing material online. (It could also be done in the context of the current class topic.) There could be a debate about honesty around brother Egbert's lies and evasion of the truth when questioned. It is also an opportunity to explore the idea of having dilemmas and how it is important to make the right decision under pressure. There is also research possibility into why material can't be deleted and a discussion about the implications of this.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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