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An interview with an astrobiologist

An interview with an astrobiologist
Key Info
  • An interview with an astrobiologist
  • Duration: 02:52
  • A short interview with Lewis Dartnell, an Astrobiologist at University College London. Lewis researches extremophile bacteria found in dry and cold valleys in Antarctica, which he believes may be similar to life forms that could exist on Mars. Lewis describes the huge number of galaxies and solar systems in the Universe and concludes that there is a high chance of eventually finding life on other planets. He describes his scientific background and encourages young people to challenge their curiosity and creativity by following a career in science.
  • Subject:



    Phys: Space Exploration

  • Keywords: Astrobiology, ET, alien, Stargazing, Stargazing Live, extremophile, cryophile, psychrophile, xerophile, bacteria, science fiction, Kepler-22b
Ideas for use in class
  • Could use as a stimulus when discussing careers in science and the nature of space research.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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