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Use of child labour on cocoa plantations in Ghana (pt 1/3)

Use of child labour on cocoa plantations in Ghana (pt 1/3)
Key Info
  • Use of child labour on cocoa plantations in Ghana (pt 1/3)
  • Duration: 11:24
  • Presenter Hazel Lindsey travels from England to West Africa, to investigate the use of child labour on cocoa plantations in Ghana. She travels to the village of Akyem Ofoase, about five hours from the capital Accra, to meet young cocoa pickers and find out what their life is like. Here she meets eleven–year old Patrick, who shows her the nursery where he grows cocoa plants which he hopes to sell to farmers. Hazel is also taken to the cocoa plantation owned by Patrick's uncle, where she interviews children workers. Poor rural families rely on their children to work picking cocoa pods with machetes. This is dangerous work, where injuries from the sharp machetes are common and the dangers of snakebites can occur at any time. Hazel discovers children who enjoy working together and who have aspirations of a better future through education. First broadcast in the Learning Zone on BBC2 in March 2012 as part of the series Children at Work.
  • Subject:

    Citizenship and Modern Studies


    Rights: Human Legal Consumer

  • Keywords: Ghana, chocolate, West Africa, plantation, ashanti, akyem ofoase, cocoa, pod, family, beans, child labour, machete, ChildrenAtWork.
Ideas for use in class
  • Could be used as a stimulus for a discussion about children's rights – link to the UNCRC and use to investigate equality and discrimination in the global food market. Children could discuss how market forces in the UK affect the lives of others in developing countries. Areas covered in the curriculum include: Political, legal and human rights, and responsibilities of citizens. (Key Stages 3 and 4) Role of media in informing and influencing public opinion. (KS3 and 4) The economy in relationship to citizenship. (KS4). Challenges facing the global community – debates on inequality. (KS4). Should be used in conjunction with 13600 and 13601.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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