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Investigating angles

Investigating angles
Key Info
  • Investigating angles
  • Duration: 03:09
  • Puss in boots has arrived at the Panto House and is eating sugar mice. The Ugly Sisters are not happy because he has very dirty and stinky boots. They attempt to clean the boots whilst he is still wearing them which proves impossible. They plot to pull them off his feet and put them in the wishy-washy machine. It has the wash options 'yucky', 'pongy', 'smelly', 'stinky' and 'super-stinky' in addition to the off position. They turn the dial to the maximum 'super-stinky' setting. The machine goes into overdrive and produces clean boots but the dial is now broken. There is a reminder that there are 360 degrees in a circle and then 3 questions of increasing difficulty ask angle related questions working on 6ths of 360 degrees. The final questions asks what sort of triangle the dial is. First broadcast in the Learning Zone on BBC2 in March 2012 as part of the series Let's Do Maths.
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  • Keywords: LetsDoMaths, quarter, half, division, sixths, isosceles, 180 degrees
Ideas for use in class
  • For use as a lesson starter. Working with the fact that there are 360 degrees in a full circle and that angles are degrees of turn, the washing machine dial sets a real life context for working out fractions of a circle and angle learning.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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