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Factors that affect germination

Factors that affect germination
Key Info
  • Factors that affect germination
  • Science presenter Jon Chase and a scientist specialising in seeds investigate the effect of temperature, water and oxygen on germination, and also look at the effect of fertilisers. Faster germination and seedling growth are seen in seeds kept in the warm compared with cold conditions, in moist compared with dry conditions, and also oxygenated conditions. Finally it is shown that fertilisers can speed up the rate of germination as well as plant growth. This is all presented in the context of feeding an ever-increasing world population
  • Subject:



    Bio: Plants - Growth and Reproduction

  • Keywords: germination, plant growth, crops, food shortage, starvation, BitesizeScience
Ideas for use in class
  • A repeat of the experiment seen in the clip should be completed. Cress seeds can easily be grown to do this. Do students’ results reflect the findings of the clip? Are temperature, water and oxygen the key factors? The scientist interviewed says that water is most important of the three. The scientist also says that fertilisers (nitrates) speed up germination (as well as plant growth). Does this match with your students’ findings? Students could then look at the fertilisation of plants, by placing pollen onto a stigma and observing it grow into a pollen tube.
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  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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