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CLIP 13483

Ask Lara - Having words

Ask Lara - Having words

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Key Info
  • Ask Lara - Having words
  • Duration: 11:48
  • It's the day of a language test and Tony (13) has woken up in a very bad mood. Gabriel (13) and Deon (13) are joking around as normal, but Tony is taking everything to heart. As the day progresses, Tony gets increasingly wound up and irritable towards his friends. When it's his turn to take the test, he messes it up. Meanwhile, Monica (11) is on a mission to make the world's best cupcakes, much to the annoyance of Lara (12) and Akira (12). Monica starts off well, but soon decides to work on instinct, resulting in some very bad cupcakes. Trying not to hurt her feelings, Lara, Akira, Gabriel and Deon pretend that they are the best cupcakes they have ever tasted. After the test, Tony is so angry that he ends up taking it out on Monica. He tells her that her cupcakes were the worst thing he has ever tasted. Tony realises that he has gone too far when all his friends turn against him. He doesn't understand what is going on; his hormones are just all over the place. With a little coaxing, the group come to realise that he didn't mean to hurt Monica's feelings and they quickly forgive his moody behaviour; everyone has their off days, and it's all just part of growing up.
  • Subject:



    Relationships: Feelings

  • Keywords: Ask Lara, asklara, moods, hormones, lies, bad day, anger, feelings, friendship, honesty, frustration, growing up, puberty.
Ideas for use in class
  • A useful introduction to hormones and how they can affect our moods, especially in the early teenage years as they fluctuate wildly. Can be used to explore techniques to manage irritability, aggression and low moods. Monica's storyline is useful to generate discussion about honesty in friendships and why difficult discussions are sometimes necessary. Use alongside 13481 to illustrate the fact that boys as well as girls are affected by hormonal changes and mood swings.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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