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CLIP 13480

Ask Lara - Hooked

Ask Lara - Hooked

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Key Info
  • Ask Lara - Hooked
  • Duration: 11:53
  • The gang are all in the library, researching a homework assignment on Ancient Egypt, when Gabriel (13) finds out he has won six tickets to the national basketball finals for himself and his friends. At the same time, Tony (13) comes across a mummy themed ‘shoot-em-up’ game on the internet. Before long, he is hooked on playing the inappropriate game; he even pretends to be sick so that he can stay home and play uninterrupted. The friends cannot believe that Tony would spend all of his time in his room playing computer games, so they send Akira (12) to talk to him. To their dismay, Akira ends up hooked too. The situation gets so bad, that Akira and Tony lose track of time and end up missing out on the basketball finals. Meanwhile, Gabriel, Monica (11), Lara (12) and Deon (13) are having a great time at the game. Gabriel even wins the chance to meet his idol, basketball legend Arnold Morrison. Sad that their friends didn't come to the game, the group show Akira and Tony what they missed out on. Devastated, the pair realise how obsessive their internet gaming has become and vow to spend their time more constructively from now on.
  • Subject:



    Relationships: Friendships

  • Keywords: Ask Lara, asklara, friendships, responsibility, teamwork, computer, video games, sleep, balance, obsession, addict, addictive.
Ideas for use in class
  • Can be used to discuss friendships and how to manage them appropriately but importantly can also be used as a platform to discuss addictive behaviour and the resulting behaviours which stem from addiction. Managing time appropriately and the balance of entertainment and school-work or other commitments can be discussed, as well as how ever-available technologies and entertainment can make this more challenging.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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