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Ask Lara - Oh no! It's here!

Ask Lara - Oh no! It's here!
Key Info
  • Ask Lara - Oh no! It's here!
  • Duration: 11:58
  • It's the day of her language exam, and Lara (12) wakes to discover that she's started her period. She's frightened to tell anyone, and is concerned about what everyone will think. When she confides in her friends, they whisk her off to the local supermarket, where she learns about sanitary towels (tampons are mentioned though not described). Tony (13) and Gabriel (13) learn what's happened to Lara, and upon realising that the girls are changing, they question what it will mean for their friendships. Max (16), who says that the girls will only be interested in older guys, like him, exacerbates this fear. With the help of her friends, Lara finds that her concerns are dissolved and her confidence boosted. Despite the fact that she is growing up, she is determined not to let the changes she is experiencing get in the way of her ambitions and friendships.
  • Subject:



    Keeping Healthy

  • Keywords: asklara, Ask Lara, puberty, friendship, health, sanitary protection, tampons, growing up, first period, menstruation, privacy, respect, fear, change, embarrassment
Ideas for use in class
  • Can be used to introduce discussion about menstruation. The episode is designed to be accessible to as broad a group as possible. It is also a useful tool to assess the level of current knowledge of menstruation in a mixed gender class. The audience will ideally already have a basic understanding of what periods are as the storyline does not explain the biological facts - the focus is on Lara's conflicting emotions in getting her first period, the boy's potential exclusion and suggestions on how she might deal with the change. Not suitable for years 5 and 6. Teachers are advised to consult your school's policy on PSHE [sex] education to determine suitability and whether parental consent is required
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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