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Simon Armitage on his poem The Manhunt

Simon Armitage on his poem The Manhunt
Key Info
  • Simon Armitage on his poem The Manhunt
  • Duration: 05:14
  • Simon Armitage explores and explains the themes, ideas, feelings and attitudes behind The Manhunt, and considers the language, structure and form of the poem linked to its central ideas. A reading of the poem is accompanied by a series of shots and visual images to illustrate the meanings, including documentary footage from current and past conflicts. Armitage examines the use of metaphor and structural devices he uses to explore the effects of conflict from personal rather than societal / historical perspectives.
  • Subject:



    Poetry: Late 20th Century and Contemporary

  • Keywords: Armitage, poetry, The Manhunt, literature, war poetry, war poems, conflict, elegies, SimonArmitageWritingPoems
Ideas for use in class
  • To help students develop their interpretation of the poem. As a general introduction to the themes and ideas of the poem. To illustrate some of the key images and visual aspects of the poem. As stimulus for discussion of the language, structure and form of the poem. For independent study and / or revision. Can be used in conjunction with 13451, 13452, 13453, 13454, 13456
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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