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Counting with Rodd - Number 4

Counting with Rodd - Number 4
Key Info
  • Counting with Rodd - Number 4
  • Duration: 05:55
  • Rodd shares his discovery about sets of four identical items – on the toy cars in his collection, on chair legs, and on small world animals. Children can spot the number four on his shelf and join in an action sequence based on the number four. Rodd asks the children to help him solve the problem of how many hubcaps he will need for his large cardboard car, as the children match and count. Children can join in with Rodd singing a song about the number four, and draw the number in the air.
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  • Keywords: CountingwithRodd, interactive, four, quads, quadruple, corners, numeral, numeracy, Rodd Christensen, Balamory
Ideas for use in class
  • In small world animal play, children can count the legs on all the animals. They can press the animals' feet into damp sand or mud to see that each animal makes four footprints. In the creative workshop area children can design and make different kinds of vehicles from junk materials, counting and matching paper plates, etc. and split pins for wheels. Use magnifying glasses to sort out a set of buttons with four holes.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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