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Street Dance masterclass - House

Street Dance masterclass - House
Key Info
  • Street Dance masterclass - House
  • Duration: 18:18
  • Turbo, a judge on Alesha’s Street Dance Stars, teaches a Street Dance masterclass focussing on House dance with the help of dance group Masters of Movement. Turbo gives a brief history of house dance followed by a demonstration. The warm up is taught in a follow my leader style with clear teaching points, repetition and counts, throughout. There are three sections; each section is broken down and repeated with teaching points, counts and music, giving visual and oral directions throughout. Section one is jack and pas de bourree, Section two is stomps, retreat, shuffle and tick-tack-toe and Section three is skate, happy feet, dip n jack and jack in the box. The three sections are put together and performed twice with a freestyle section by Masters of Movement. Turbo then gives tips on how to develop the choreography by using canon and changing positions in a group or duet.
  • Subject:

    Physical Education


    Dance Activities

  • Keywords: House, clubbing, dance, Street dance, hip hop, social dances, music, rhythm, performance, technique, 70’s and 80’s, dance culture, streetdancestars, alesha
Ideas for use in class
  • Used as an introduction to Street Dance for the specialist and non-specialist teacher. Used in the classroom as a follow my leader style session. Prepare by splitting the sections into weeks for example, week one – warm up, week two – warm up and section one, Week three warm up and section two, week four warm up and section three, week five – warm up and put it all together, week six – try canon and change of positions. Exercise suitable for Key stage 2 – 3. Used as a research tool for older groups when looking at different Street dance styles.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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