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Sir Walter Raleigh and Mount Roraima

Sir Walter Raleigh and Mount Roraima
Key Info
  • Sir Walter Raleigh and Mount Roraima
  • Duration: 07:36
  • In the late sixteenth century, explorer Sir Walter Raleigh led a mission to Guyana in search of El Dorado. Many believe he was taken to Mount Roraima. Frustratingly for Raleigh, he was unable to climb Roraima. Four hundred years later, the Serious Explorers, a team of young adventurers from the UK, have come to Mount Roraima. The Serious Explorers climb and reach the top of Roraima. They manage to see the remarkable landscape and endemic plants that the Elizabethan explorer never did get to see. They are the youngest expedition to have ever made it to the top of Mount Roraima.
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  • Keywords: Sir Walter Raleigh, Elizabethan, El Dorado, Mount Roraima, South America, Guyana, Venezuela, Brazil, Serious Explorers, endemic plants, Crystal Valley, table top mountain, SeriouslyRaleigh
Ideas for use in class
  • Good historical information for learning about Sir Walter Raleigh and his search for the legendary El Dorado. Wonderful footage of Mount Roraima to support learning about the geographical features of a table top mountain. Clear explanation of endemic plants.
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  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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