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How much fuel does an aeroplane need? (pt 1/5)

How much fuel does an aeroplane need? (pt 1/5)
Key Info
  • How much fuel does an aeroplane need? (pt 1/5)
  • Duration: 02:59
  • When calculating how much fuel an aeroplane needs for a flight, various factors must be considered: distance, weather (headwinds take more fuel, tailwinds less), predicted weather at the destination in case of delayed landing, and weight of the passengers and luggage.
  • Subject:



    Functional Maths

  • Keywords: fuel, calculation, measure, distance, plane
Ideas for use in class
  • As an introduction to a simple fuel calculation, or simply as background material for those interested.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 4x3

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