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What's maths got to do with music?

What's maths got to do with music?
Key Info
  • What's maths got to do with music?
  • Duration: 03:03
  • A musician describes how maths exists in the pitch, rhythm and timing of music. The huge number of possible arrangements for a ten note melody chosen from 10 or 12 possible notes are stated. The musician explains maths can also be used to create music using computer programs.
  • Subject:



    Functional Maths

  • Keywords: rhythm, sequences, repeating, combinations, permutations, generate, create, powers, indices, timing, counting
Ideas for use in class
  • A stimulus for how large numbers can be generated and reading large powers of ten. An introduction to combinations and permutations and the use of factorial notation. At 02.45 to 02.48 the screen shows the view of a computer screen showing different tracks. This can be used to consider repeating sequences running at the same time. This is also an opportunity to link across maths and music to see if a piece of music can be generated using mathematical sequences.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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