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The human ear

The human ear
Key Info
  • The human ear
  • Duration: 06:59
  • A visual journey into the ear, looking at both hearing and balance. Key elements are explained with visuals. This includes the movement of ossicles against the oval window and the way that the semi circular canals sense orientation. The 3D visuals are placed along side real-life footage of a child in Africa learning to walk, using their sense of balance. Created especially for Class Clips from the BBC series Inside the Human Body, first broadcast in May 2011. See other Class Clips from 'Inside the Human Body' at:
  • Subject:



    Bio: Human Body

  • Keywords: ear, hearing, cochlea, ossicles, oval window, ear drum, balance, walking, insidethehumanbody, Michael Mosley
Ideas for use in class
  • Could enrich any lesson on 'the ear' as the 3D visuals bring the usual 2D text book diagrams to life and the narrative tells a memorable story that should engage students. The scenes could be partially or fully shown in the classroom depending on what you want to focus on. The real life example adds context. This could be shown either as a starter to hook student's interest or to consolidate learning following a topic. Why not show this at the start of the topic, then at the end, get students to create their own visuals/models and film or act out their own journey through the ear? More about the series Inside the Human Body can be seen on its website:
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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