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Talkie Time - counting in pairs

Talkie Time - counting in pairs
Key Info
  • Talkie Time - counting in pairs
  • Duration: 09:30
  • An interactive sketch encouraging children to join in. Presenter Rodd asks the children what they have been learning about and he is confused about what kinds of pairs they are learning about. He thinks it is a pear you can eat! Whilst Rodd fetches some socks the children look for pairs in Rodd’s flat. They use these to help Rodd discover what makes a pair, a pair. Rodd shows the children how to count in twos using a shorter method using his pairs of socks on a washing line. He then pegs the days of the week on to give the children one last challenge.
  • Subject:




  • Keywords: Talkie-time, interactive, pairs, pairing, matching, two, twos, days of the week
Ideas for use in class
  • The teacher should read out the dialogue written during the sketch as though talking to Rodd. Some work on pairs and counting in twos would be beneficial before watching this clip. Encourage the children to look for the pairs around Rodd’s flat. Create a washing line like Rodd’s for counting pairs in twos- the children could colour or paint their own pair of socks for the line. Remind the children of the days of the week. Pause so they can complete Rodd’s challenge. Use days of the week on classroom line. Have a pairs table in the classroom where children can place items which come in a pair.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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