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CLIP 11694

Proud to be Me - a drama about self esteem (pt 1/2) (audio)

Proud to be Me - a drama about self esteem (pt 1/2) (audio)

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Key Info
  • Proud to be Me - a drama about self esteem (pt 1/2) (audio)
  • Duration: 05:43
  • Anna is talking to her friend Jess about a flower picture she has made for the forthcoming school fair. She isn't sure about it, but Jess tells her that it's excellent. They pick it up to carry it inside. On the way, they meet Anna's brother, Robert. He is very unpleasant to his sister, rude to Jess and very critical of Anna's picture. He says the dustbin is the best place for it. When Robert leaves, Anna's confidence has been knocked. She clearly acquiesces to Robert - despite him being so rude. She tells Jess she has another idea to make money for the school fair and leads her out to the stable to meet her horse, Betsy. Anna suggests they take Betsy to the school fair and charge 20 pence per ride. When Robert hears about this idea, he is completely dismissive and declares that Anna can't even ride a horse. Suddenly Anna mounts Betsy and rides out of the stable into the paddock. She is determined to show Robert what she can do - so she races Betsy towards a fence and jumps. Then we hear Anna scream and the thud as she strikes the fence and falls to the ground. This clip was first published on the BBC School Radio website. Please note it is an audio clip and only available in Flash.
  • Subject:



    Self Image

  • Keywords: audio, schoolradio, pshe, citizenship, have your say, drama, key stage 2, self esteem, self respect, conflict, family, proud to be me
Ideas for use in class
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 16x9

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