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The changing seasons - Apples

The changing seasons - Apples
Key Info
  • The changing seasons - Apples
  • Duration: 05:01
  • An explanation of how an apple tree survives during the different seasons. In the spring the presenter hears the sound of bees,he explains how bees drink nectar from the apple trees and by doing so spread pollen from the tree. The clip then moves on to summer, showing how apples grow until they fall from the tree. In the autumn the leaves change colour and the presenter describes the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees. The clip concludes with the presenter reciting a poem which summarises the life of an apple tree.
  • Credits: ITN Source/Granada Survival, Oxford Scientific Films
  • Subject:



    Green Plants: Reproduction

  • Keywords: apple, tree, sound, bees, spring, summer, autumn, winter, pollen, nectar, blossom, seeds, plant, leaves, evergreen, coniferious
Ideas for use in class
  • Very good visual of the change of an apple tree over the seasons along with introducing and reinforcing the need for pollination. Simple scientific vocabulary is used to make the learning of the journey of the bee effective. Find out more about the different apple trees in this country, the different coloured apples and what they are used for. Use the library for reference or the Internet. The poem at the end is very good, a lovely way to extend Literacy and give cross curricular teaching with Science and Geography.
Background details
  • Clip language : English
  • Aspect ratio : 4x3

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